The first time I met this pretty little blue eyed girl, she barely had any hair and the weather turned on us quickly that night (oh so cold for a 5 month old). Fast forward the next year— we had a chair in an incredible field with the most gloooorious light and then the year after that, the light followed us again! She is definitely my little good-luck light charm! This year she came out of the car and gave me a big hug and I nearly melted. It's hard to explain how special it is to grow with families and get to know them year after year and become friends— through a job I love like no other. It was a great night together as always. We smelled some flowers, looked for fish in the lake, played with a dog, laid down on a bench and then we ran across the famous Spring Lake bridge! Smiling for gummies and laughing the whole way! It's families like this crew that reminds me just how special my job is and how lucky I am!!

AuthorHali Ryan