I've been waiting moooonths to blog this session! Yes months (it was back in early September)! I love all my families & our time together to pieces, but there is something extra special about a newborn outdoors! Something so sweet, bright and full of fresh new life. As most of you know I'm a lifestyle newborn photographer, because that's what I connect to most. So when mom messaged me that she just had a baby and was waiting to move into their home (while living at her parents)—we had to be creative to get both solo baby and family shots! This adorable little dude was great too and we learned how to *cheese* for *raisins*. And let me tell ya, their love story is one for the books. I'm pretty sure most Spring Breakers don't meet their true loves while partying on a beach as teenagers... but these 2 did and came together to have one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen. It was perfection both times and I'm so blessed to have been chosen to help record their special memories in many different ways!  <3 

AuthorHali Ryan